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Game Flow

Battle through stages filled with fearsome enemies and dangerous traps, each with a massive boss waiting at the end.

After defeating the boss, you’ll meet with a fellow adventurer who was captured. Speak with them and convince them to join you on your perilous adventure!

Core Gameplay 1 – “Increase your combat abilities by recruiting allies”

You can instantaneously switch to allies you have recruited at any time!

Where you’d normally die and get sent back...As long as you have an ally left, you can continue in the same area!

Each character has a unique attack style and range, giving you lots of versatility!

Core Gameplay 2 – “Shortcuts that only allies can access ”

Allies have special, unique abilities which allow them to use shortcuts to skip parts of stages or access new areas! There are no special items obtainable by going the long way around, so take every shortcut you can find!

If your allies are out of commission, you’ll have to travel longer routes, where strong foes await.When their life gets low, be sure to switch them out so they’ll be available when you need them.

Core Gameplay 3 – Multiple Endings

Curse of the Moon has a variety of endings which change depending on your play style throughout the game.

Core Gameplay 4 – Casual Style

Curse of the Moon has two play styles, “Veteran” and “Casual.”

“Veteran” style /“Casual” style

Changing Style:Style can be changed when starting a game, loading a save file, or on the Game Over screen.。